Alarm Registration and False Alarm Management



This website provides users with current information about the CITY OF ALTON Alarm Registration and False Alarm Management process and procedures.


Alarm Ordinance Number 7449

Ordinance Number 7449 , enacted by the CITY OF ALTON in August, 2015 , established the processes and procedures regarding burglar alarm system registration and false alarm administration. Click on the link below to view the ordinance. (Requires Adobe Reader. Click Here  to download Adobe Reader.)


Click here  to view or download the CITY OF ALTON Alarm Ordinance.


Fees and Fines

The ordinance established an annual registration fee for all wired, wireless, monitored, non-monitored, residential and commercial burglar alarm systems. Renewal notices are sent out 45 days prior to the renewal date. The ordinance does not apply to fire alarm systems. Click here to view the current alarm registration fees and false alarm fines schedule.


How to Register a Burglar Alarm System

Online - Click here to print the Alarm System Registration form. 


Complete the form and mail with your registration payment to:


PO BOX 66914

SAINT LOUIS, MO 63166-6914


You will receive a notice via return mail containing your permit number.


False Alarm Fine Payment

False alarm fines may be paid using one of the following methods:


Pay Online – secure online payment system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to making payments, you may obtain information about the ordinance, check permit status, balance due and false alarm counts.
Click here
 to make an online payment using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.


Pay by Mail - mail-in payments may be made by check, money order or cashiers check payable to CITY OF ALTON - ARFAM


Write the permit number on the check or money order. If you have received a payment notice through the mail, return the payment coupon from your notice along with your payment to:



PO BOX 66914

SAINT LOUIS, MO 63166-6914


False Alarm Appeals

If you believe that a false alarm fine has been charged to you in error, you must pay or appeal the false alarm fine within 15 days of the date the false alarm notice was issued. Written appeals must include the name of the permit holder, the permit number, the transaction number of the false alarm fine and an explanation of the reason the fine is in error. Review the ordinance above to assist you in determining acceptable reasons for appeal. Make a copy of all correspondence for your records. Mail the correspondence to:


PO BOX 66914

SAINT LOUIS, MO 63166-6914


Allow 14 days for disposition of the appeal. You will be mailed written notification of the appeal resolution.


Delinquencies and Permit Suspension

The CITY OF ALTON does not grant payment extensions for permit registration fees and false alarm fines. Payments for permit renewals must be received with 15 days of the renewal date. Payments must be received within 15 days of the date the false alarm occurred. If payment is not received within this time, the fine will be considered delinquent, late fees may be added and the permit may be suspended. Payments must be received by the due date to avoid late fees or permit suspension.


CITY OF ALTON Check Policy

The Circuit Attorney’s office is notified of all bad checks passed within the CITY OF ALTON . If you are paying your fee or fine by check, please be certain that sufficient money is in your account to clear the check. A $20 Bad Check Fee is assessed for each check returned for insufficient funds. In addition, the payment is removed from the account, and any late fees which might have occurred past the date that the check was received will be added to the permit balance.



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